LiBatt Recycling Ltd offers a complete lithium-ion battery service solution which covers fully-costed quotations, transport/ADR collections, safety transportation boxes where required, testing of battery modules/cells for reuse, recycling to recover materials to support the circular economy, additional recycling of non-viable battery materials through licensed partners, and production of Dangerous Goods Notes, Waste Transfer Notes and fully itemised settlement reporting.


Prior to any collection of materials, we shall provide you with a fully-costed quotation.

Where required, LiBatt Recycling Ltd shall provide battery safety transportation boxes in line with UK ADR regulations. Collections will also be covered by ADR compliant regulations.


Battery modules/cells can be tested and graded for reuse potential within various market sectors, so as to extend their lives and cut down on waste production.


Where no reuse potential exists - or in line with customer requirements - batteries shall be discharged and dismantled, and materials will be recycled to either support the circular economy or to ensure that environmental compliance is met.


We shall provide you with all the documents required to cover your duty of care, such as Waste Transfer Notes and Dangerous Goods Notes, along with fully itemised settlement reporting.

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