LiBatt Recycling Ltd is adding value by vertically integrating recycling services that focus on green innovation, as part of its movement towards 100% recyclable, zero-landfill solutions. LiBatt is a leader, working collaboratively to build an ecosystem that supports the circular economy for battery metals.

As part of the Recyclus Group, LiBatt Recycling Ltd is committed to increasing efficiencies within the recycling industry

LiBatt is looking to become the UK’s first industrial-scale Li-ion battery recycler by leveraging sustainable, next generation recycling technologies. The ambition is for LiBatt’s operations to support the circular economy, increase efficiencies, and reduce the carbon footprint within the Li-ion battery industry.

The circular economy is a model that consists of production and consumption, and which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible. By supporting the circular economy, LiBatt Recycling Ltd is working to extend the products' life cycle.

We seek to ensure that resources are kept in use for longer to minimise waste, and to reduce environmental impacts by promoting reuse, remanufacturing and recycling.

As part of the Recyclus Group service, we provide a solution for the dangers posed in the storage and transportation of Li-ion batteries, through our use of ADR transport boxes.

Through our in-house, industrial-scale battery recycling technologies, battery boxes designed to meet ADR regulations, and lithium fire protection pillows, the Recyclus Group is prioritising the safety and sustainability of battery recycling practices, to ensure that we are taking a responsible approach to the energy transition.

Our battery boxes boast a British-engineered design, specially created to deliver an unparalleled level of safety, value and longevity. The boxes are safe for most industrial applications, with certified power ratings up to 20kWh.

The modular approach means any damaged parts can be easily swapped out for ease of repair, lowering costs.

The Li-ion boxes can be made to offer a confidential service if required in order to meet the company or customer's needs.

LiBatt Recycling Ltd can help fulfil this role with offerings that cover the reuse of Li-ion battery modules and cells from the automotive EV, industrial sector, and batteries from the mobile phone and laptop computing industries.

Where re-use is not an option, we recycle these products to split, separate and recover the materials that will support the circular economy, using state of the art technology.

To discover how we can improve your recycling efficiencies, resource management, and have a positive impact on the environment, please contact us for more information today.

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