Recyclus Receives Battery Testbed System

A significant milestone in developing our capability for recycling and reuse of batteries

May 25, 2023

Technology Minerals Plc (LSE: TM1), the first listed UK company focused on creating a sustainable circular economy for battery metals, is pleased to announce that its 49% owned battery recycling business, Recyclus Group Ltd ("Recyclus"), has received three lithium battery ("LIB") testbed systems designed to measure a range of different battery chemistries of different sizes at its Wolverhampton site.

The LIB testbeds give Recyclus the operational capability to test the effective capacity of battery packs from a range of EV and industrial usages as well as for degradation or damage at the cell level. By charging and discharging batteries to measure capacity and capture stored energy it can also perform a number of other critical performance test criteria. The ability to discharge stored energy unlocks future opportunities to feed energy back into the national grid and for use on-site.

This testing capability enables Recyclus to grade batteries and access the reuse market for batteries alongside recycling. The tested battery packs will be sorted into one of three categories: the first are suitable for reuse as they are, the second are defective and need to be recycled, and the third are a split with some cells being retrievable and others not. It creates an opportunity for Recyclus to send suitable batteries back into alternative repurposed applications, depending on their condition and test results.

With UK Government estimates suggesting that there could be almost 28 million EVs on the UK's roads by 2035 a substantial number of battery cells are likely to reach end-of-life that are suitable for reuse for different applications, representing a significant market opportunity beyond recycling.

Robin Brundle, Chairman of Technology Minerals, said: "This testing capability is another key development for Recyclus designed to create an additional potential new revenue stream by unlocking more of the value-chain in the battery circular economy.
We are constantly exploring new avenues to expand under our circular economy strategy, and this represents a significant milestone for us in developing our capability for recycling and reuse of batteries, and our ability to harness otherwise wasted energy. Implementing these systems into our process will help to maximise the lifespan of batteries and minimise energy waste."
Jonathan Regan, Senior Battery Engineer of Recyclus, said: "Developing this function will allow us to work with manufacturers to increase the amount of carbon offset from the batteries' production by extending their working life through repurposing into alternative applications, supporting the transition to net-zero, and supporting future and current legislative targets."

[1] Climate Change Committee, The Sixth Carbon Budget: The UK's Path to Net Zero, 2020, pg.98

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